Solar Taxi

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01 Jan 2024
We’re a startup with the mission of accelerating Ghana towards green and affordable mobility services.

Solar Taxi was launched in 2018 by Kumasi Hive through a partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. It seeks to create environmental, social and economic impact in Ghanaian communities by harnessing the renewable energy of the sun and using it to power vehicles. The company’s aim is to reduce both carbon emissions and the cost of delivery and transport services while also creating employment opportunities for unemployed youth.

— Photo by Solar Taxi – Saneera Sapper

Solar Taxi provides locally assembled, solar-powered electric motorcycles, tricycles and minicars, as well as access to charging stations. Because the national grid is unreliable in Ghana, and to increase the use of renewable energy, the company has established solar hubs to power its vehicles. Solar Taxi employs drivers for its taxi and courier services, including many from its female-driver-training academy, which educates women on how to operate and maintain the vehicles. Businesses and individuals can also lease vehicles from Solar Taxi for their own use, and there’s a hire-purchase program that allows them to own their car or bike. To date, Solar Taxi has completed over three thousand trips. Its fleet includes over sixty motorcycles, seven tricycles and three minicars in operation in Accra, Tamale, Takoradi and Kumasi. There are solar-hub charging stations in four cities in Ghana.

— Photo by Solar Taxi – Saneera Sapper

Funding Story

Solar Taxi has received funding from the Mastercard Foundation and Kumasi Hive, as well as private investment.


  • Launching the first pilot project with nine vehicles in 2019.
  • Getting the Solar Taxi app on Google Play and launching the fleet management platform in 2019.
  • Establishing a courier service and scaling up to over sixty solar-powered electric motorbikes.
  • Creating employment for over two thousand young people in two years.