The Explorer Series: Kiel Region
Vol.1 - 80 pages

Experience the exciting entrepreneurial opportunities through the eyes of locals, and discover what makes the Kiel Region a standout choice for innovative ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make it big outside large cities.

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The Explorer Series is the ideal pocket companion for entrepreneurs, startup talent, and digital nomads exploring diverse startup ecosystems worldwide.

With curated insights and personal recommendations from local founders, the Explorer Series offers an insider’s look at exciting places and inspiring people, bringing together business and leisure in one practical guide.


Softcover pocketbook
80 pages


This book is made in partnership with KielRegion.

Published June 2024

Region Overview
Locals Picks
Working Spaces
Cafes, bars and restaurants
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Discover the Kiel Region

Welcome to the Kiel Region! Situated in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany, the region is about 90 kilometers (56 miles) north of Hamburg.

The Explorer Series: Kiel Region
8 min read


BalticMaterials processes seagrass and algae as a renewable raw material with a range of properties that make it suitable for various applications.

Yessica Klein
< 1 min read


The easy-to-use app apoways was developed together with innovative pharmacists, doctors and nurses as a digital solution that allows customers to contact pharmacies and healthcare services 24/7 without leaving their home, and healthcare providers to connect with each other.

Yessica Klein
< 1 min read

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