The Explorer Series: Copenhagen
Vol.1 - 80 pages

Copenhagen has become a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, with a supportive and bureaucracy-free startup ecosystem. With its strong focus on sustainability, the city is perfect for green solutions.

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The Explorer Series is the ideal pocket companion for entrepreneurs, startup talent, and digital nomads exploring diverse startup ecosystems worldwide.

With curated insights and personal recommendations from local founders, the Explorer Series offers an insider’s look at exciting places and inspiring people, bringing together business and leisure in one practical guide.


Softcover pocketbook
80 pages


This book is made in partnership with Lunar.

Published September 2023

City Essentials
Locals Picks
Working Spaces
Cafes, bars and restaurants
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Welcome to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, nestled in the heart of Scandinavia. With a history dating back to the Viking Age, the capital of Denmark boasts a compelling heritage that comes across in its colorful architecture and historical landmarks.

The Explorer Series: Copenhagen
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