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Luxembourg may be small in size, but with a diverse workforce and high quality of life, it might just be Europe’s next big startup hub.

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With almost half of its residents of foreign origin, Luxembourg has been rated as among the top countries worldwide where expats come to find work. Its international mix of people and great geographical location opens up a myriad of possibilities for entrepreneurs to develop their business.

With its significant economic potential and competitiveness for quality of life, our Startup Guide Luxembourg book captures how these particular aspects have helped the local startup community grow. 

Startup Guide Luxembourg Vol. 2 is filled with case studies, expert advice, insights, interviews, workspaces, and useful local tid-bits, it is essential reading for anyone interested in starting a business – whether they’re new to the city, new to the startup scene, or a seasoned business veteran looking to start again.


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Luxembourg Vol. 1 was published in May 2018
Luxembourg Vol. 2 was published in June 2021

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Luxembourg is small in size and doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, so by necessity, it’s always thrived on being creative.
Karin SchintgenHouse of Startups
The difference between an idea and a startup is a business plan. It’s what you’ll use to attract cofounders and, eventually, investors.
Luc HenzigHouse of Training
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