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Think Cape Town isn’t a center for innovation? Think again. This guide is the first in a series of Startup Guide books in cities in Africa.





The wild landscape of Cape Town’s startup scene has been slowly building itself over the last decade in order to attract new businesses and entrepreneurs to the city. And come they have. Due to its well-connected transportation system, business-friendly atmosphere and relatively low living costs, Cape Town was ranked as 24 out of 31 in leading global cities by PwC’s Cities of Opportunity analysis in May 2018.


With this in mind, we’re happy to be launching our own book on how to claw your way up to Cape Town’s young and booming startup scene. Filled with case studies, expert advice, insights, interviews, local tips, and useful addresses, the Startup Guide Cape Town book is your essential guide to the city.


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Published August 2019

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I think it’s important that entrepreneurs in Cape Town share their experiences with building purpose-driven startups so that others from around the world can learn from their mindset and approach.
Ann Rosenberg SAP Next-Gen
Start early and get your idea out there. There’s no need to be precious about your idea; people are not going to steal it.
Aisha PandorSweepSouth
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