Startup Guide Aarhus
Vol. 1

Aarhus isn’t the largest city in the world but it packs a powerful punch. As the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus is likeable, easy to handle and just the right size for startups.



Aarhus is commonly known as the world’s smallest metropolis, but it should really be called the world’s biggest village. It is large enough to offer a diverse array of events and subcultures, yet small enough for the inhabitants to keep track of what’s going on. In other words, it’s a haven for a startup community to form. That’s where Startup Guide Aarhus comes in.


In our Startup Guide Aarhus book, we give the lowdown on the tips and tricks you need to help you break into the scene and get your creative juices flowing. Filled with startups, coworking spaces, programs as well as interviews with founders and experts, our guide gives you all the information you need to get started in the Danish city.


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*As part of our partnership with One Tree Planted, the purchase of the paperback copy of this guidebook (or any of our other guidebooks) contributes toward the planting of a tree. 


Unfortunately, this book is not available in digital format.


Published July 2015

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