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01 Jan 2024
Sendy is the platform for businesses seeking to trade with ease. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions using all vehicle types and sizes through a free-to-use app and web platform.

Sendy was founded with the ambitious goal of making it simple for anyone to move goods to and from anywhere efficiently and without worry. After an incident involving an unscrupulous individual and some stolen cement, its founders created the company to provide a reliable solution for end-to-end delivery.

— Photo by Sendy

The startup organizes vetted delivery agents on a single platform and enables them to connect with individuals and businesses looking to move goods easily and at short notice. The platform’s ease of use allows small-business owners to move their goods more affordably and more conveniently, making it easier for them to participate in the economy. “We believe that every business owner has a right to achieve their dreams, says Sendy cofounder and CFO Malaika Judd. “Moving goods reliably should be easy. It should leave everyone with more productive time to focus on what they are good at, rather than setting up entire logistics departments to handle vehicle movement.” By enabling the growth of other businesses, Sendy has also been able to expand. It started out using motorcycles in Nairobi and now works with tuk tuks, trucks and other vehicles throughout East Africa. 

— Photo by Sendy

Funding Story

Sendy received seed funding in 2015 from investors including the Safaricom Spark Fund. Its 2017 Series A round included names such as CFAO and DOB Equity. A 2020 Series B round raised $20 million from seven investors including Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Yamaha and Atlantica Ventures.


  • Winning in the Mobile Utilities section at Pivot East 2014 with an MVP app.
  • Hitting the mark of one thousand completed deliveries per day.
  • Expanding our offering to include all forms of delivery, from motorcycle couriers to trailer trucks.
  • Expanding our operations beyond Kenya’s borders, into East Africa.
  • Expanding to other African countries including Côte D’Ivoire, Uganda and Rwanda.