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20 Sep 2023
At sendance we develop a stretchable sensor solution that enables manufacturers of wearables to seamlessly integrate sensors directly in the 3D-shaped surface of their product enabling a sensing surface

sendance is a deeptech startup born from the vision to bring electronics closer to life. Robert Koeppe (CEO), Daniela Wirthl (CCO), Thomas Stockinger (CFO) and Yana Vereshchaga (CTO) explain how their academic background enabled them to develop the technology – the sendance-grid – a stretchable sensor grid with pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Seamlessly integrated in wearables, sensors can capture motion patterns, recognize critical pressure in insoles, verify the fit of orthopedic devices, support athletes in their motion analysis or even gather data for preventive healthcare. "There is not a lot of data about a patient's individual life outside of a lab, and that is what we envisioned: a remote system that lets doctors see the real-life challenges and habits of a patient to adapt treatment better" affirms Daniela.

Last year it debuted the functionality of its full-package product the sendance-grid, along with the associated sendance-cloud in an insole at the world's largest orthopedic trade show the OTWorld to great acclaim from the medical and sports community. Today all of its tech is individually produced to the client's needs and fully adaptable to use in any form of wearable technology. Especially for fields like orthopedics, currently its most prominent market, preventable and treatment-driven solutions for diagnosis are at the forefront of its tech mission now. As Yana puts it regarding their work in orthopedics: "For example, for diabetic treatment, it is crucial for the doctor to know if the patient is wearing the right shoes, to see if they have the correct pressure distribution on their feet, to prevent wounds and in more serious cases even the need for amputation."


  • Awarded gold at the Edison prize for technological innovation.
  • Presenting the sendance-grid and -cloud at the OTWorld in 2022.
  • Shipped first sendance-grid to paying customer in May 2022.
  • Received a six-figure investment from Croton Capital, 4u-ventures, SweeNo Invest and Christian Loidl in January 2023.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm