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01 Jan 2024

Sector: Education

Resonate provides leadership workshops that allow women to build their confidence, shift their mindsets, turn skills into action and fulfill their potential. By coupling hard skills with leadership training, we amplify our partners’ impact and the benefits to the women and girls we serve.

Founded in 2013, Resonate aims to address the confidence gap: the opportunities that women and girls miss out on when they underestimate their abilities. It partners with organizations that provide hard-skills training to women and girls – often those in marginalized, rural communities – and ensures that participants are equipped with soft skills to help them get to a position to use their training. With storytelling methods adapted for a Rwandan context and using a Harvard-developed model, Resonate lets each learner find her individual strengths and harness them to achieve her goals. The organization teaches that leadership is about proactively finding solutions to problems and creating a positive impact, not simply about holding a formal leadership position.

Resonate teaches three programs with specific objectives: Storytelling for Leadership teaches women to speak up and share ideas in a group environment, and has a focus on decision-making skills; Action Leadership works with young people to provide experience in designing and implementing community projects; and the Professional Development program teaches soft skills for high-potential employees, developing talent in the workplace by enabling effective planning and prioritization. In 2019, Resonate reported that 37 percent of its graduates had started businesses, 73 percent had taken on a leadership role and 30 percent had received a new academic opportunity, job or promotion. 

The team behind Resonate aims to increase the reach and impact of its programs. The company has a scalable growth plan that trains facilitators and contracts those who are identified as having exceptional training skills. Currently, it operates with the support of US donors, but is on its way to being self-sufficient, with around 20 percent of its revenue currently coming from companies employing its services. 


Engage with our business-to-business model. 
We work with NGOs, companies and other groups that would like their members to acquire hard skills and combine them with empowering soft skills.

Provide training in hard skills for the workplace and beyond.
We bring soft skills training to partner organizations that upskill women in hard skills.   

Work with vulnerable youth. 
We aim to partner with organizations that work with women and youth in rural areas, particularly those who have previously had a lack of access to formal training.

Have a desire for growth. 
We provide training that amplifies the value that employees and team members bring to a growing organization. 

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