Renting an Apartment

1 min read
10 Aug 2023

Renting an apartment in Rio Grande do Sul isn't as difficult as in other Brazilian states. As digitalization reaches the real estate sector, entrepreneurs can rely on websites like Quinto Andar ( to find places with competitive prices and help to deal with any paperwork bureaucracy. 

If renting through a more traditional path, landlords and real estate agencies will require sworn translations of the following: your passport, CPF, proof of income (at least three times the net rent amount), proof of address, and income tax return. You'll also have to fill in a registration form. In Porto Alegre, a one-bedroom apartment costs around R$1,450 (US$280) in the city center or R$1,140 (US$220) outside of the center. In Pelotas, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment is R$1,050 (US$205) and, further out, R$675 (US$130). Location-wise, some central neighborhoods like Bom Fim in Porto Alegre might prove more competitive than others. If you depend on public transport, it's worth looking at the neighborhood's connections, as not every area is easily accessed by public transport.

Unlike most European cities, Brazilians rarely rent individual rooms in shared apartments to strangers – apartment sharing usually only happens when a group of friends decides to live together.