Randon Ventures

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08 Sep 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

At Randon Ventures, we look to invest in innovative technology that goes beyond our core business. Our goal is to provide startups with expert mentoring, potential new business and market access.

Randon Ventures was born within the long history of Randon industries, founded over seventy years ago in Rio Grande do Sul. The Randon group has always been focused on finding innovative and practical market solutions, whether these fit into its primary focus of transportation and logistics or, in this new phase, in the venture capital sector. Mateus de Abreu has been in the company for over seventeen years, working as the head manager of digital and tech strategy for the wider group; now, he is also the chief officer at Randon Ventures. Supporting startups has always been a company goal. “Randon as a business has always focused on innovation,” he says, “so we have different programs to help startups in the area. After a few years of that, we were questioned by some of the companies we had worked with about why we hadn’t started a venture capital branch, so that was the logical next step.”

— Photo by Alex Battistel

Today, Randon Ventures invests in startups and offers mentorship programs that directly connect founders with executives across the Randon Business group. Mateus also highlights that Randon Ventures considers what the company can offer when looking for a new project. Hence, the main sectors it focuses on are logtechs, fintechs, insurtechs, industry automation, autotechs and deeptechs. However, its priority is innovation first and foremost. Randon Ventures has done different scouting rounds to select startups from all over Brazil, the firm has invested in eight companies so far, but it is always available for new proposals that adhere to its investment thesis.