Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding

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20 Sep 2023

Sector: Energy, Technology, Health, Food, Real Estate

As a strategic investment partner with decades of experience and an international network, we shape the future of both established companies and innovative startups and scaleups. We work in close partnership with every company to help them thrive and grow.

The Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding was founded by the Raiffeisenlandesbank Upper Austria, which is one of the five largest banks in Austria. The first equity investment made by the bank was actually back in the 1970s and since then they have grown their portfolio to over 350 investments. Having gained decades of experience in sectors such as finance, bank-related services and industrial companies, Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding concentrates on developing the existing portfolio as well as focusing on the expansion of the portfolio by strategic investments in the following five defined areas: energy, technology (covering everything tech related from AI to robotics), health and healthcare, food, and real estate.  

They typically invest a minimum of €250,000 ($273,000) per startup and continue to invest in companies as they evolve and develop, working with the founders and organizations as both a mentor and strategic partner. All companies that they invest in should have already been through seed funding and have a proof of concept. Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding prides itself on its wealth of experience, its vast network, strategic thinking and consistent and solid track record. With each investment they make they develop a long term relationship with the organization, offering support and advice. One of their most notable and most successful investments was in Agilox, who develop and produce automated guided vehicles and robots. Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding invested in the early stages of Agilox’s growth and helped them expand and develop their portfolio of products and launch in additional markets. In 2021, one of the world’s leading investment groups acquired a share of the organization that has helped them grow even further. Today, Raiffeisen Beteiligungsholding still retains a stake and maintains a supportive relationship with the company.

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Main Photo by: Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG