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20 Sep 2023
We transform analogue environments into realistic digital twins using laser scanning and robotics, like Google Street View for indoors, enabling you to be there when you can’t with access to the industrial metaverse in your pocket.

qapture’s cofounders, Dominic Koll and Daniel Hoeller, had known each other since childhood by the time they were working together at a software company where they were introduced to the technology of laser scanning and creating 3D digital twins. They began researching its practical applications and in 2019 they quit their jobs, founding qapture six months later.

Their first challenge as cofounders was to focus on the right use case, out of many, for the technology. They knew they wanted to provide access to typically in-person locations, “Be there when you can’t,” says Daniel. When they realized the scalability of the industrial metaverse and its range of applications they found their direction. For example, their technology was used in the Austrian Parliament building to track its reconstruction and create detailed documentation. And IKEA, one of qapture’s international clients, says their architects can plan stores remotely, reducing carbon emissions. Their first success as cofounders was choosing the Open Innovation Center at Johannes Kepler University  as their headquarters. “It’s been the perfect fertile soil,” says Dominic. 

The next step for Dominic and Daniel is to bring business intelligence to the created point cloud data automatically. By providing information digitally, through the industrial metaverse, they give clients the tools to access their infrastructure and collaborate from anywhere in the world.


  • Getting IKEA as a client in spring 2021.
  • Hiring their tenth employee in 2022.
  • Traveling to the US to learn about the startup culture there and getting a large industrial client in Texas in 2022.
  • Founding a second company for their machine learning software in November 2022.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm