Planet Ocean Fund

1 min read
20 Sep 2023

Sector: Climate Tech

Planet Ocean Fund is Europe’s first venture capital fund of funds focused on ocean-related climate tech and ocean restoration. We invest in funds and businesses developing scalable solutions to fight the climate crisis and reduce biodiversity loss.

In the first years of his career, Markus Böhm had a linear professional story in finance and logistics. While working in the retail sector, he became an avid scuba diver, and began to realize the true impact of the climate crisis; he then decided to return to university to educate himself on the matter. After acquiring a marine biology degree, Markus decided he wanted to effect real change. So by combining his previous experience with a newfound calling, he founded Planet Ocean Fund to effect change through innovation. 

As Europe’s first ocean-focused climate tech venture fund of funds, Planet Ocean has been directly seeking out funds and startups in their growth phase. “We needed to find economically scalable solutions to these monumental problems we have, and so we decided to tackle that on the one hand through utilizing funds and accelerators that are already out there in our space and through growth financing of businesses that have proven traction and impact.” As Markus puts it, “Our thesis is that since the oceans cover over 70 percent of the earth’s surface we can find a lot of potential solutions within them.” Although they invest primarily in early stage funds, right now, Planet Ocean is looking for business from Series B onwards to ensure speed and scale of viable solutions.