OÖ HightechFonds

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20 Sep 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

We are a venture capital firm dedicated to advancing local tech startups, from the prototype level up until the internationalization process.

OÖ HightechFonds was created over a decade ago in a joint partnership between private investors, Upper Austrian banks and the Upper Austrian government to develop startups at the seed level in the region of Upper Austria. The fund then also received EU and EFRE funding. In a conversation with Thomas Mender, one of the two managing directors, it became clear that the fund's focus was not only on seeking out the best new tech in the market, but on creating a difference in the community. Working to develop sustainable tech production in mainly B2B models, OÖ HightechFonds is a venture capital fund dedicated to bettering their community through tech. Working as a local incubator for new ideas and giving their portfolio startups the support to achieve growth in both the local and international sectors. 

Today, OÖ HightechFonds invests not only in most software sectors but also in hardware. "We are not going to solve the climate crisis from our computers," Meneder tells me as we discuss the lack of funding for hardware, especially greentech hardware, in the market. Thomas started turning to startup investment after having invested in and managed SMEs for a while. Because of their focus on seed-level assets, OÖ HightechFonds has already amassed a quite diverse portfolio proudly focusing on the value of the ideas they invest in to change their community from within. Mainly investing in regional companies focused on furthering Upper Austria’s reputation as a birthplace of ideas. With over fourteen active investments in their portfolio, OÖ HightechFonds is dedicated to giving their startups the jumping-off point they need to settle in their community and expand their impact internationally.

Main Photo by: Hermann Wakolbinger