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20 Sep 2023
NodeVenture is a B2B infrastructure fintech and qualified custodian. We provide and manage critical infrastructure for crypto use, making the experience in decentralized markets safe and user-friendly.

Founders Cagdas Tasdemir and David Schnetzer met while working in the biggest Ethereum mining farm in Central Europe. David was the CTO, while Cagdas was the IT team leader; together, they had extensive experience in dealing with financial technology and saw the rise of blockchain and crypto to the mainstream from its beginning. By the end of 2018, they had decided to open a company together, finally pivoting to their current business model of digital asset custody technology the year after, when they founded TMIA (Technology Made In Austria), the company behind the NodeVenture brand. 

By 2020 they were already registering the company with the Austrian financial market authority to retain the patent for the NodeVenture technology, making it the custodial solution in which the users actually own the tokens. NodeVenture’s ultimate application is to make decentralized finance safer and more readily applicable on grander scales. Hence, it allows banks and other financial institutions to take full advantage of blockchain systems and cryptocurrency safely and practically for the general public. As of its interview with Startup Guide, NodeVenture is only a few weeks short of going live, with one of Austria’s most prominent banks debuting its product in grand style. The company is excited to finally make its technology public and aims to expand its client base across the European financial market.


  • Being certified by the Austrian Financial Market Authority in November 2020.  
  • Raising around €1.5M ($1.6M) in business angel investments. 
  • Achieving patent certification in 2021.
  • Going live with a major Austrian retail bank in 2023.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm