Next Road Ventures

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22 Sep 2023

Sector: Multiple

We are an early-stage venture capital fund investing in European companies at their seed rounds. We also support portfolio companies with the necessary network, expertise, resources and funds to help them grow and expand.

Next Road Ventures is a VC investment firm that is based in Warsaw and invests in the early stages of companies based throughout Europe. Backed by a global network of business angels and Vestbee, the leading matchmaking platform for startups, as well as accelerators, VC funds and corporates, Next Road Ventures not only supports its portfolio companies with funding but also with expertise, resources, business support, free tools and an international network. 

While it describes itself as industry agnostic, it does have a preference for companies operating in ICT (information and communications technology), big data, SaaS, fintech, Industry 4.0 and technology sectors across Europe, with an emphasis on CEE. “Our sweet spot,” says Marcin Laczynski, cofounder and partner at Next Road Ventures, “are companies looking to raise up to one million euros in pre-seed and seed stages.” Its initial ticket size is generally €250,000 ($295,000) with a potential top up of €750,000 ($885,000). “Today, our portfolio consists of companies established by founders of different backgrounds and geographies.” Some of the notable startups supported by Next Road Ventures include, a solar roof company; Smabbler, a deep text understanding engine; and Amberlo, a law-practice management software. 

The firm was founded in 2019 by Marcin and his close friend, Ewa Chronowska, cofounder and partner at Next Road Ventures. Ewa and Marcin are two die-hard entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts (both with over fifteen years of experience) who have known each other since high school. Ewa has a background in consulting, corporate finance and investment while Marcin’s background is in small and medium enterprises (SME) internationalization in Europe and Asia. “We firmly believe that the right people can disrupt any industry,” says Marcin. Due to this belief, the two search for committed entrepreneurs with scalable business who are willing to go the extra mile to build global businesses.