Getting Around

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01 Jan 2024

All registered public service vehicles in Nairobi are marked with a yellow line. Matatus, the much-maligned local transport vehicles, are minibuses seating up to fourteen people that dart around the roads blasting thumping music and are covered in vibrant artwork and provocative slogans. They are affordable, hectic and an amusing way to meet people. Matatus operate along set routes, and they can take a little trial and error to get used to. Note that they often wait to fill up before departing, so it’s best to choose the one with most people inside. Taxis are widely available; both privately owned and those operated by Uber and Taxify. Buses also run in the city and connect Nairobi to most towns around the country. However you travel within Nairobi, expect there to be congestion. There’s also a rail route between Nairobi and Mombasa, which stops at a number of towns along the way and passes by the famed national parks of Amboseli and Tsavo.

Main photo by Don Pappy