Moringa School

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01 Jan 2024
We provide transformative, tech-based learning experiences through an industry-specific curriculum, practical experience and a blended learning approach that allies tech-skills development with life-skills education.

Founded in Kenya in 2014 by Audrey Cheng, Moringa School’s mission is to transform higher education throughout Africa and enable its graduates to be globally competitive. Its curriculum consists of pre-prep, prep and core modules for software development and data science. The school provides experienced trainers and mentors, a blended learning model that combines hands-on teaching with virtual modules, and a market- and outcomes-driven curriculum to train Africa’s future engineers. It has supported the placement of more than 85 percent of its graduates into leading companies throughout Africa and across the globe. Tuition fees are paid by sponsoring partners.

The Moringa School launched in Kigali in 2018, in partnership with the ICT Chamber and PSF and funded by GIZ. So far, seventy-six students from two women-only cohorts have graduated from its WeCode course, a version of the software-development program. The first of these cohorts had a job placement rate of 88 percent. “Some of the institutions where our graduates are currently employed include Irembo Gov, MobiCash, Awesomity Lab and Andela,” Audrey says.

The software-development course available in Kigali requires six months of full-time learning. It features a four-week pre-prep program that aims to develop and bring students up to speed with basic coding, followed by a five-week fundamentals course that covers foundational concepts in programming using JavaScript. A final four-month course provides more in-depth training and has two tracks: full stack and Android software development. The school’s curriculum is aimed at both complete beginners to programming and more established developers looking to sharpen their skills and launch careers. Moringa School plans to continue its active engagement in Rwanda while also planning further expansion. “We have offered our curriculum in other regions, including Pakistan, through partnerships with the World Bank and Pakistani government; Hong Kong, in collaboration with Accelerate; and Ghana, with Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology,” Audrey says.


Demonstrate aptitude.
Applicants should have knowledge of mathematics or statistics, and a background in computer studies is an advantage.

Show your passion.
Successful programmers need to be passionate about all things tech and innovation.

Focus on the future.
You should have a deep desire to acquire the practical skills needed for a career in tech.

Be willing to learn in a different way.
We are looking for students passionate about learning and comfortable with both face-to-face
and virtual lessons.


Students per cohort: 90

Application can be sent via:

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