Moringa School

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01 Jan 2024
We provide transformative, tech-based learning experiences through an industry-specific curriculum, practical experience and a blended learning approach that allies tech-skills development with life-skills education.

Founded in 2014, Moringa School combines experienced trainers and mentors with a blended learning model and an outcome-driven curriculum in a bid to transform higher education and ensure graduates are globally competitive. Its curriculum consists of Pre-prep, Prep and Core modules for software development and data science. To date, it has supported the placement of more than 85 percent of its graduates into leading companies around the world. Founder Audrey Cheng says that Moringa School provides transformative, tech-based learning. “Our curriculum is industry-specific and blends technical education with life-skill development and practical experience,” she says. 

More than 2,600 students have enrolled in the school’s software-development course across twenty-eight cohorts, as well as ninety students in three data-science cohorts. The flagship software-development course is a fifteen-week, full-time program comprising twelve weeks of curriculum and three weeks of group projects. Graduates emerge skilled in mobile development using Java and Android or full-stack using Python and Django. Professional development is also largely integrated in the curriculum to ensure that graduates are well-rounded professionals. “The school’s learning environment promotes excellence and a strong sense of community while delivering accelerated learning programs. Moringa School ultimately seeks to unlock a learner’s potential and help them build futures with greater confidence, capability and possibility,” says Audrey.

Courses are appropriate for both newcomers to programming and more established developers looking to sharpen their skills and launch their careers as junior software developers. Graduates are placed in the school’s outcomes program, where they can present their projects to more than eighty tech-based hiring partners. “During this time, we also support our alumni in reskilling or upskilling to make them as colorful as possible to the job market,” says Audrey.


  • Demonstrate aptitude.
    Students should have a mathematics or statistics background.
  • Show your passion.
    Beginner programmers need to be passionate about all things tech and innovation.
  • Focus on the future.
    You should have a deep desire to acquire practical skills that will enable a career in tech.
  • Be willing to learn in a different way.
    We are looking for students who are passionate about learning and who are able to do so using a blended approach.


Students per year: 1,300

Application can be sent via:

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