Mettā Nairobi

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01 Jan 2024

aribu Nairobi! And welcome to the amazing community that is Mettā.

Our city is known for its warm and happy people, as home to the best runners in the world and has been called both “the mother of mobile money” and “a mecca of innovation and diversity.” We are proud to be the heart of Silicon Savannah. 

Over the years, Kenyans have taken center stage in many different arenas, including being masters of world athletics. But now a growing crop of young Kenyans is proving that we have much to offer beyond the Olympics, producing trailblazing innovations with the capacity to transform the world.

In the World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 report, Kenya ranked eighth globally in market sophistication, largely driven by easy access to credit. Our city is a tech hub, home to more than two hundred tech-focused startups as well as established firms including IBM, Intel and Microsoft. These innovative companies are working to create solutions through technology in a context where the problems are a little different than finding a good restaurant or getting your laundry folded. 

Mettā is a Pali word, meaning a meeting of like-minded individuals. This is the basis of what we do: connecting people. At Mettā Nairobi, we bring together founders, policy makers, academics and investors to collaborate, using our physical and digital entrepreneurs’ network to make connections. Our space has been a hub of passionate innovators and entrepreneurs since its inception in 2015, with its members shaping the narrative of African innovation across all sectors. We have fostered a passionate community of more than five hundred startups in the region and work as a catalyst for meaningful collaboration and the furthering of ideas.

When you visit Nairobi – the only capital city in the world surrounded by a beautiful national park – be sure to pass by Mettā, a second home to entrepreneurs. 

Esther Mwikali Muia
General Manager, Mettā Nairobi

Main photo by Somboriot Kipchillat