Meeting People / Networking / Hubs

1 min read
10 Aug 2023

Brazilians are generally friendly and always open to meeting new people, so making friends and networking is easy despite potential language barriers. Don't be surprised by lunch offers and happy hour invitations from both work colleagues and networking contacts: it's typical never to have work lunches alone, and most coworkers will suggest a beer or two at the end of a Friday's workday. 

Since the pandemic, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular, and names like WeWork have offices in Porto Alegre. Tecnopuc, PUCRS University's scientific and technological park, is also an important networking space, with regular events to connect to other entrepreneurs. Tecnopuc is part of the IASP, International of Science Parks, and you can subscribe to their newsletter to remain updated: Local events like South Summit Brazil ( and Gramado Summit ( are an unmissable opportunity for entrepreneurs to get to know the area and connect to funding and networking opportunities.

Entrepreneurs without fluent Portuguese might find it challenging to make new friends, but it’s not impossible! Communities like AjeVale ( promote networking events in Novo Hamburgo, for example, and there is a community in Porto Alegre too ( Although Brazilians tend to separate fun and work in most scenarios, it's possible to spontaneously meet people on a night out – one of the many highlights of living in Porto Alegre. The city has many popular bars: the most famous ones include Ocidente, a traditional club that is LGBTQIA+ friendly; Brechó do Futebol, for diehard football fans; or bars like Agulha and 4Beer.