Market One Capital

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22 Sep 2023

Sector: Digital platforms

We want you to understand best when, where and in what we invest.

Market One Capital connects new businesses to experts and mentors and builds the needed investment syndicates in follow-on rounds. It provides investment as well as aid and deep expertise to Europe-based digital platforms or marketplace business, whether B2C or B2B, at the pre-seed or seed stage. It believes that a successful venture relies on a profound knowledge of why you are in this business and what your role is in it. 

Marcin Kurek, the managing partner, has been in the tech industry for seventeen years, during which time he worked for one startup, founded another, became an angel investor and finally became a general partner. He became an active investor in 2012 and met Marcin Zabielski. After years of successful cooperation, they decided to make use of their backgrounds and expertise to create their “ideal” venture fund. In 2018, they launched Market One Capital, a venture firm with the exact characteristics they hoped for. They made it a seed fund, as this is where they could bring the most value. Market One Capital’s funds go to areas in which they have the most experience, such as digital platforms and marketplaces. They aim to provide support for talents all over Europe, with a special focus on CEE. 

Market One Capital became the first VC of Polish origins to invest in a unicorn company at an early stage. It provided support for TIER Mobility, a shared micro-mobility provider, in 2019. With a $2 billion valuation, TIER has raised a total of $660 million in equity and debt funding to date. It also invested in instant-grocery-delivery startup JORK at seed stage. It earned an overall valuation of $1.2 billion in just 7 months. Currently, Market One Capital receives eight thousand p