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21 Sep 2023
We create tailored AI solutions for each client's individual needs, with top industry professionals and the latest technology. We provide you with greater knowledge of your customer base, so your business can thrive on smarter and faster solutions.

Maria Parysz and Paweł Jankiewicz, the founders of LogicAI, had previously worked in different tech companies in Warsaw, but they realized that the field of technology learning and AI was not growing fast enough in their home country of Poland. "Twenty years ago, nobody in Warsaw even knew what a data scientist was," says Maria.

The two decided to go independent and start their own company. Now LogicAI is one of the top contenders in the field of data development. It works with companies such as Rolls Royce and LVMH to develop better data-gathering software that not only helps their customers' experience but also uses privacy-driven ethics to guarantee customer privacy.

More recently, LogicAI has started expanding into data security, working with the Dubai Police to create better cybersecurity strategies. "People are the future," says Maria. "We want to continue to expand our community of professionals and invest in them." LogicAI already has one of the most significant data-scientist communities in the world, with around seven million international participants. As the company looks to the future, its horizons are expanding westward; it is currently in the process of opening offices in Canada and its next big step is the North American market. The founders hope this move will expand their outreach and the image of Warsaw as a new nest for tech talent.

Funding Story

LogicAI was started with the private investments of its two founders and continues to be a bootstrap operation. It has not received any outside investment since founding, and as its client base has grown, it has become entirely self-reliant as a company.


  • Opening the Dubai office in 2019 and the Canada office in 2021. 
  • Winning the Recsys Challenge in 2019, the most prominent competition for recommendation systems.  
  • Reaching seven million data scientists in the Kaggle Days data-science community.
  • RecoAI, our latest software, winning several global startup awards and competitions such as EU Tech Chamber, OVH Global startup, Latam Startup and HerStory Canada in 2021.