Klaus Luger / Mayor of Linz

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20 Sep 2023

inz is alive, innovative, down to earth, international, creative and digital, all at the same time. Linz is vibrant!

It’s this diversity that defines Linz as a city where the only constant is change, always turning into something new, reinventing itself.

Linz is a leading global city for Media Arts as well as an industrial and job market hotspot. Young entrepreneurs and creative minds have a wide range of options at their disposal. In many cases, the first contact point and innovation hub is the Innovationshauptplatz (https://innovation.linz.at), which is operated by the City of Linz and promotes networking, information exchange and works as a one-stop-shop. Digitalization hotspot locations such as the Tabakfabrik, were deliberately set up to not only provide thousands of jobs within the companies located there, but also offer both established players and startups valuable networking opportunities through their open structures and services. Universities also contribute to creating the best possible environment for young entrepreneurs – both nationally and internationally.

In recent years, Linz has managed to transform itself from a pure steel city into one of innovative technology, industry and culture. In addition to established "big players" in the industrial and technology sectors, an active IT scene with numerous leading companies and world market leaders has been developing in Linz for several years.

As a government, we will continue supporting startups and young companies. The fact that the City of Linz has been able to create more jobs than we have lost despite the ongoing structural change in the economy shows that this is the right approach.

Networks are important in all aspects of life for entrepreneurs and company founders. The Startup Guide Linz is bringing the local startup and innovation ecosystem to the spotlight on the local, national and international scale.

With these prospects, we have every reason to look forward to the fact that Linz will continue to attract talented entrepreneurs and remain a hotspot for innovation.

Klaus Luger,
Mayor of Linz