Getting Around

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01 Jan 2024

Motorcycle taxis (motos) are Kigali’s most popular form of transport and you’ll see them everywhere. They are strictly one passenger per bike and the driver will provide a helmet. The minimum fare is FRw 300 ($0.32), and you’ll rarely pay more than FRw 1,200 (about $1.30) for a ride. Car taxis are far more expensive and difficult to flag down. You can use apps like Yego and VW Move to book a taxi, but most people have a collection of contact details for individual taxi drivers. Kigali has an excellent bus network that runs across the city, with destinations clearly displayed at the front of the bus. Fares are based on distance but are usually under FRw 500 ($0.50) per ride. To use the bus, you’ll need a Tap&Go card, which can be topped up at some stops and all stations. Traffic in Kigali is bearable, but things can still get busy during rush hour.

Main photo by Michael Muli