Inovo Venture Partners

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22 Sep 2023

Sector: Technology

We are a venture capital fund investing between €0.5 million and €3 million in rapidly growing early-stage tech companies across Poland and CEE.

Inovo Venture Partners is a first-choice VC for ambitious founders from Poland and the CEE region. It backs early-stage, post-traction startups with up to €3 million ($3.5 million) of initial investment and helps them to build global brands while also driving growth to the local startup ecosystem. It strives to be the best early-stage fund in Poland and the CEE region and to be in direct competition with, or a better option than, tier-one US funds for Polish and CEE founders. Some of its portfolio companies include Booksy, Spacelift, Zowie, Tidio, Jutro Medical and Infermedica.

Tomasz Swieboda, CEO and managing partner at Inovo, had previously worked at various financial institutions, but it was only when he started angel investing that he realized the great potential in early Polish entrepreneurs and startups and technology companies. His background in entrepreneurship had shown him just how difficult it was to run a business but also how possible it was to support entrepreneurs and projects with the potential to become very large internationally. Tomasz and the rest of the team, including Michal Rokosz and Maciej Malysz, support CEE-originated companies in becoming global leaders in their markets and encourage founders and employees to contribute further to the ecosystem. They plan to fundamentally change the Polish investment ecosystem by continuing to take on ambitious projects. 

In addition to its partners’ expertise, Inovo also provides all of the resources a founder and company needs to succeed at every stage in their growth, even matching founders with international advisors. Inovo also has a full-time recruiter on board who helps business owners choose the right people for their prospective team, and the firm co-invests with other supportive partners to maximize the success of the brands in its portfolio.