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20 Sep 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

We are a one-stop-shop for Linz’s residents, offering advice, support and financial assistance. We connect, introduce and enable early stage startups to realize their business ideas, providing guidance, grants and mentoring through our unique programmes and opportunities.

Founded by the City of Linz, the Innovationhauptplatz is a one-stop-shop for residents and businesses. The Innovationhauptplatz provides a wealth of advice, from supporting projects and individuals, acting as an information hub and support network; to running events, launching programs, and connecting startups with mentors and industry leaders. The Innovationhauptplatz also  hosts  information sessions open to the Linz community, as a way to give everyone an opportunity to shape the city.

Launched in 2022, the Founders Scholarship is one of the Innovationhauptplatz’s flagship programs and is aimed at early-stage startups. It offers startup grants of €5,000 ($5,520) (paid in two installments, over a five month period) to four projects. The grant is intended to help participants take time to focus on their project and can be used towards living costs during this period. Through the program, participants are also given the chance to receive coaching and advice from the local entrepreneurial network and commercial ecosystem. The Innovationhauptplatz has a large and extended network that encompasses partners from both the private and public sectors across all industries meaning that participants gain exclusive access to expert advice. All winning projects are also given the opportunity to occupy the Innovationhauptplatz’s Pop-Up Shop for a month. Located in the heart of Linz, the shop provides a fantastic opportunity for all projects to bring their ideas to life and gain great exposure while doing so.

All individuals and teams based in the city of Linz are eligible to apply. The Innovationhauptplatz is particularly interested to hear from those who would like to launch a business that is socially responsible. Each application is assessed on a points-based system and is judged by a panel of business leaders and experts. The application process runs from February to May with winners announced in the summer and the program commences shortly after.


Come up with a great idea. We want ideas that we can engage with and get excited about, ideas that are going to have a positive impact on the world. 

Be clear in your application. We don’t expect you to have a fully formed business plan but you need to demonstrate a clear vision for your project. 

Show your enthusiasm. We want you to get us excited about your project and apply that energy to making it happen.

Be willing to learn and stay curious. The program offers a unique opportunity to access support from experts and we want you to embrace the chance to learn from others. 

Lead with ambition. We want you to take the opportunity to see how far you can take your idea and demonstrate your ambition to achieve.

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Main Photo by: Stadt Linz / Andreas Brugger