Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development

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01 Jan 2024

Sector: Tourism, hospitality, agribusiness

We are a leading SME consulting firm supporting micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Rwanda by offering a four-month accelerator program to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to help them grow their businesses.

Founded in 2012, Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development is an affiliate of African Entrepreneur Collective, a US-based nonprofit organization supporting entrepreneurs across East Africa to stimulate job creation and economic growth. Inkomoko offers entrepreneurs in tourism, hospitality and agribusiness practical solutions to increase their sales and improve their financial management. Its four-month accelerator program begins with an assessment to identify each business’ most important needs. Participants then take part in a two-day boot camp to receive training on key concepts and best practices in marketing and finance, before heading into an intense consulting period where they work one-on-one with expert advisors to achieve the objectives set out during the assessment period. 

The program is designed to help businesses grow sustainably and to assist entrepreneurs in accessing finance. It does this by preparing participants for external investment and connecting them with potential investors. To date, Inkomoko has worked with almost seven hundred SMEs in Rwanda, creating more than 2,500 jobs. Entrepreneurs who have taken part in the program report valuing the focus on individual needs and the direct impact they see, such as increases in customer base and access to accurate financial reports to better analyze their business. Managing director Nathalie Niyonzima says that, on average, businesses joining Inkomoko increase their revenue by 70 percent and that the program offers a unique combination of intensive business-development support and access to finance. “It is a very practical and individually customized program, where entrepreneurs are coached and trained directly in their businesses to be able to bring about the change needed for growth,” she says.

To participate in Inkomoko’s program, businesses must be in tourism, hospitality or agribusiness, must have been in operation for at least six months and should show potential for job creation. Entrepreneurs selected to work with Inkomoko also receive access to affordable financing provided by AEC Rwanda Trustee Ltd.


Have a functioning product.
You need to be past the idea stage, with at least an MVP ready to enter the market.

Have specific business requirements.
You should be looking for support in a specific area, such as sales and marketing or finance and tax.

Be distinctly Rwandan.
We are a Rwanda-registered company and your business needs to be registered with the Rwanda Development Board.

Show potential for job creation.
Your business needs to demonstrate its ability to create employment opportunities.

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