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22 Nov 2023

Industry: Business management software

We created a one-stop shop for businesses to manage all internal communications and customer relations. We are focused on making managing a business an easy and enjoyable experience for both employees and customers.

Agidesk was created with a changing market in mind:the digitalization of services and communications. After working for ten years in sales and business management, CEO and cofounder Veridiana Cavalheiro, together with CTO and cofounder Bruno Ukoski, realized there had been no real change in how businesses communicate internally, with data and service centers lagging even as the cloud-computing boom took over and as more businesses went virtual, especially in 2020. Since Agidesk’s founding principle is to solve problems from an internal perspective, the founders seized this gap in the market quickly. “We saw a lot of growth in international companies in terms of internal solution-management alternatives, but nothing in Brazil,” says Veridiana. “We wanted to provide a personalized and fast customer experience that adapted quickly to any logistic issues.”

— Photos by Nany Hanm

One of their more significant customers, furniture retail chain TokStok, decided to end a contract with its previous data- and communications-management service in favor of Agidesk. “It was one of the hardest challenges we had, because we only had thirty days to rework their entire system, otherwise all of that data would be lost,” she says. Agidesk was growing rapidly at the time and had never faced such a time-constrained contract, but they were determined to achieve it as a team to set their company apart from others in the sector. Today, Agidesk is still growing and has big plans for more offices around Brazil and internationally over the next couple of years.

— Photos by Nany Hanm

The Agidesk team is motivated by the single mentality of making it work. Veridiana and Bruno are driven by their goal to make their customers’ projects flow seamlessly, and it’s their dedication to this idea that gives their company its value. Veridiana emphasizes that this can only happen with the help of each member of their team, people who she and Bruno picked for their singular drives and motivation. “What matters to us is the glint in someone’s eye. This isn’t simply a business venture for us; it is a lifelong career.” She defines the team dynamic by saying, “Each person needs to find their own pace and what works for them. We want to prioritize keeping individual motivation up so that we can all work efficiently. That’s what keeps everything moving.”

— Photos by Nany Hanm


  • Graduating from the Founder Institute Program in Porto Alegre in August 2019.
  • Acquiring our first international client, TK Elevator, in 2021.
  • Closing a deal with Grendene, one of Brazil’s biggest fashion conglomerates.
  • Being cited as one of the top 50 fastest-growing startups in Latin America by the Founder Institute in 2022.