How PFR School of Pioneers helps accelerate aspiring tech entrepreneurs

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20 Apr 2022

he PFR School of Pioneers is an international educational program dedicated to future tech entrepreneurs and visionaries. Its venture-builder is designed to boost competence with key business skills, international collaboration, networking, and tech know-how.

Founded in 2018, the program was designed by the Polish Development Fund and Allegro. For three weeks in September, participants take part in intensive workshops held in Warsaw and conducted by experienced professionals, large technological companies, and successful startups and experts in the innovative sectors. The cost of admission is 500 zł ($130), and the program focuses on connecting individuals from different backgrounds, including business, science, technology and creative, and guiding them into interdisciplinary teams to build scalable, innovative solutions. The workshops are highly practical and challenge-based and include weekly trainings on team-building, the financial ins and outs of new companies, marketing, PR and the perfect investor presentation. The first week of the program focuses on personal development and team building, and the second and third weeks on market validation and prototyping, sales, marketing and financing.

After the conclusion of the workshops, founding teams continue to develop their projects with the support of mentors for several weeks until the Final Gala. The best teams will qualify for an additional training in one of the European ecosystems, and three winners will receive financial awards. The goal of international training is for participants to gain knowledge on the ecosystem, validate their unique projects and receive additional support. The PFR School of Pioneers looks for aspiring entrepreneurs aged twenty to forty who are working on honing their skills in the technology sector and are determined to develop their own businesses.

Some notable companies that have advanced their journey with support from the School of Pioneers include VividQ, the world’s first complete power platform for full holographic 3D display; Unicorn VR World, a platform that creates a novel approach to therapy for children on the autism spectrum using VR; and HearMe, a platform supporting the mental health of employees by offering online therapy, webinars and workshops.

Most important tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

💡 Be a team player. Our program is based on teamwork and mutual development. So if you do not thrive in a team-based environment, then our program is not for you.

💡 Have a strong why. During our selection process, we look for participants that show great potential in becoming tech entrepreneurs. Be sure to find your why, and be certain of your ideas.

💡 Prepare to commit. Our workshops are intensive and require your full involvement. Make sure that you are ready to make this commitment to your growth and success.

💡 Be ready for a challenge-based education. We offer our participants practical and hands-on education. Make sure that that is what you are looking for.

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Written by Hava Salsi

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