Health Direct Global

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01 Jan 2024
Health Direct Global leverages technology to innovate and improve healthcare quality, access and outcomes using a platform that connects users to a network of healthcare professionals and service providers, and that helps users finance their care through a financial inclusion platform.

Health Direct Global began when cofounders Kelvin Ashie and Amos Doku set out to transform how healthcare providers manage and store patient data, and to provide effective ways of managing that data securely, creating a reliable resource for doctors and hospitals. While working on a platform to address these issues, they found other problems across the healthcare spectrum that could be improved with technology, and expanded their business model to include a patient-centric element. Health Direct Global launched in 2018 as a subscription service for both patients and healthcare providers. Its aim is to provide customers with greater access to healthcare at interaction points beyond hospitals, such as pharmacies and primary healthcare facilities. The platform offers a variety of online services, including a financial inclusion platform that allows users to track and save for their healthcare needs.

Amos has over ten years of experience in healthcare administration and Kelvin is an alumnus of the MEST entrepreneurial training program with expertise in product development and strategy. They see huge opportunity in Ghana’s healthcare space. “Healthtech is a nascent space for innovation with a lot of room for growth. Even if there were five or ten more companies it wouldn’t be crowded,” says Kelvin.

Funding Story

Health Direct Global is funded through bootstrapping, investment from family and friends and through awards including the 2019 PwC Japan Prize for Business Model, Innovation and Scalability, a Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant and support from the Orange Corners Innovation Fund.


  • Winning the PwC Japan Prize for Business Model, Innovation and Scalability at the TICAD Summit in Japan in 2019.
  • Signing our first client, a hospital, in 2019.
  • Getting accepted into the first cohort of the UNICEF Startup Lab in 2019.
  • Receiving a grant from the Orange Corners Innovation Fund in 2020.

Main photo by David Enam Kunutsor (AHK Ghana) – 3rd German-African Business Summit