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15 Jan 2024

Sector: Internet enabled

Our mission is to align interests, bringing the best syndicate of investors into our portfolio companies.

Greycroft is a leading venture capital firm focused on investments in the internet and mobile markets. Founded in 2006, it continues to operate over a decade later as a venture fund helping companies work toward scaling. The firm, which was an early backer of Venmo and Braintree, finances companies that are in some way internet enabled. Innovations can be in mobile or digital and applied across sectors including health, insurance, food and financial technology. Though the Greycroft portfolio is diverse, its companies have in common online customer acquisition and the need for customer-acquisition strategies. With offices in two of the most important business hubs in the world – Los Angeles and New York – Greycroft is uniquely positioned to serve entrepreneurs who have chosen them as their partners. It prioritizes backing vital companies emerging from these markets and serves as a resource for enterprises looking to break into the entrepreneurial world in those regions. Greycroft leverages an extensive network of connections in the media-and-technology industry to help entrepreneurs gain visibility, build strategic relationships, bring their products to market and build successful businesses.

Greycroft manages in excess of $1 billion and has made over two hundred investments since inception. Aside from the funding itself, portfolio companies benefit from guidance in areas such as strategy and business development. They receive both access to Greycroft’s network of experts and help forging connections and partnerships, as well as guidance for their eventual move towards exit. Portfolio companies that have received Greycroft investment include Scopely, a mobile-gaming business venture that uses data-platform tools to help studios launch successful video games; and App Annie, a Bay Area–based app-analytics business that provides data to app developers working in areas like financial services, airlines and ecommerce. Additional investments include Acorns, Bird, Botkeeper, Bright Health, Boxed, Braintree, Buddy Media, Everything But The House, Extreme Reach, Huffington Post, Icertis, JW Player, Maker Studios, Plated, Scopely, Shipt, TheRealReal, Thrive Market, Trunk Club, Venmo, WideOrbit and Yeahka.


  • Have a strong founding team.
    We prefer to fund teams with prior market and technology experience. We’ve had a lot of success with repeat entrepreneurs, although we fund plenty of first-time entrepreneurs as well.
  • Have proof of commerciality.
    In consumer-oriented ventures, we look for highly engaged users. In business-oriented ventures, we look for revenue from at least a handful of paying customers who we can call and reference.
  • Have the potential to reach a large market. 
    We have to believe that a company is capable of reaching a $100 million–plus outcome, even if the path is uncertain and subject to change.
  • Incorporate internet-enabled technology.
    Though we work with portfolio companies across verticals, they are typically internet enabled in some way. Are you creating innovation for industries like insurtech, fintech or healthtech? Are you using digital or mobile technology?

Applications can be sent via:

The best way to connect with Greycroft is through a warm introduction from angel investors or friends of the firm.