Ghana Innovation Hub

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01 Jan 2024

ccra has always been a city of positive change. Its history includes nonviolent revolution and a peaceful shift from dictatorship to multiparty democracy. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from European colonization and its capital city has always been a beacon for diplomacy, rule of law and hospitality. 

According to some legends, Ga people migrated from various parts of Africa to settle in Accra. It remains a home for many to this day, with a diverse mix of residents from all over the world happy to call it home. Accra is the place to be for multinational businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and tourists alike.

Although Accra is still in its infancy compared to other iconic cosmopolitan cities,
this only means that it has ample opportunities for enterprising people, multinationals and startups looking to provide services to the increasingly diversified population. Local and national governments are putting more efforts into infrastructure and developing policies to encourage business. These efforts will allow Accra to further position itself as the economic hub for West Africa and a gateway to the African market. 

The Ghana Innovation Hub (GIH) was set up with support from the Ghana government, through the Ministry of Communications’ World Bank–funded eTransform project, and in partnership with GTUC and BlueSpace Africa. The hub is well positioned in the Accra entrepreneurial ecosystem, where we support startups and MSMEs to use innovation and technology to increase their economic footprint and contribute to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem. A decade ago, some GIH team members took a leap of faith to establish a management consulting and training firm, MDF West Africa, while our competitors were still testing the waters. Having gone through the entrepreneurial journey ourselves with this project, we understand what it takes and are well-positioned to support anybody looking to become a part of the rich history of Accra with practical advice and resources.

Whether you are visiting Accra or are based here, feel free to stop by!

Richard Yeboah
Project Director, Ghana Innovation Hub
Managing Director, MDF West Africa

Main photo by Counts Visuals