Ghana Climate Innovation Centre 

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01 Jan 2024

Sector: Social venture, greentech, renewables

We’re a business incubator and accelerator supporting innovative startups that are focused on climate change.

The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) supports SMEs that offer climate-smart products, processes and services. Founded in 2016, it is currently funded by a grant from the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands through the World Bank and managed by a consortium led by Ashesi University that includes Ernst and Young, SNV Ghana and the United Nations University – Institute for Natural Resources Africa. It is also part of the World Bank’s infoDev Climate Technology Program, which helps high-growth, cleantech companies to commercialize and scale solutions to climate change. CEO Ruka Sanusi explains, “The green economy is the next frontier.” 

GCIC acts as both an incubator and accelerator, depending on what stage a business is at and what its specific needs are. The center focuses on five key sectors: energy efficiency and renewable energy, solar power, climate-smart agriculture, domestic waste management, and water management and purification. GCIC provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools for long-term growth and success. This includes business advisory services, technical support in the development and testing of products, access to finance, networking opportunities and mentorship. It also offers financial proof-of-concept grants to qualifying SMEs. Since its launch, the program has disbursed over $1.6 million to businesses as grants. 

The organization has supported BioGreen Energy, a Ghanaian business that manufactures and distributes ethanol fuel gel made from molasses, sugarcane, bagasse and other agro-waste. It has also worked with Black Star Energy, a renewable energy company that builds, owns and operates solar-powered minigrids for off-grid communities. GCIC also offers the Women Entrepreneurs’ Transformation Project,
a program within the GCIC incubator aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs. To access GCIC’s program, applicants need to complete a five-step process that includes assessments of both business viability and impact.


Have an established team.
We are looking to work with cohesive, fully fledged teams and prefer those to solo ventures.

Be a registered business. 
We prefer for your startup to have generated revenue and be registered as a business. 

Solve a necessary problem.
Have a cohesive solution to an issue faced by communities in Ghana and show how you can offer tangible results.

Have entrepreneurial spirit. 
Beyond being able to start a business, your founders should be able to demonstrate resilience and ethical leadership.

Be an industry fit. 
Applicants should take note of the five key sectors that we focus on and your business should fit seamlessly within one or more of them.

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Main photo by Ghana Climate Innovation Centre - One Shot Studios