Founder Institute 

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22 Nov 2023

Sector: fintech, agritech, healthtech, retail

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has provided young and early-stage entrepreneurs with critical feedback, clarity on the next steps to developing their business and a global network to support their growth. “There is no need to do it alone,” says Michel Costa, director of the Rio Grande do Sul chapter. “Alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs, startups build their businesses in a structured, proven way.” Every semester, the program recruits approximately twenty-five mentors, such as CEOs or founders of successful initiatives, to help turn ideas into fundable startups. The chapter mainly focuses on sectors of relevance in Brazil, such as fintech and agritech, and it offers a designed methodology. It does not merely support early businesses, notes Michel, but it also challenges them at every step of their growing process, thus better preparing them to receive funds or to apply for seed accelerators. The Institute has helped the launch of over 6,800 companies across more than two hundred cities on six continents. The program’s goal for the foreseeable future is to help at least 80 percent of their alumni to build businesses that are in compliance with and contribute to addressing the UN SDGs by 2030. 

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

AGIDESK, Me Veste, Local Farmers and Central do Boi

Who should apply:

The Rio Grande do Sul chapter is designed for business initiators at the pre-seed stage. The program is open to first-time founders or small teams with a business idea before they are ready to apply for professional investors’ funds.


Main photo: Michel Costa and Bruna Petersen