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01 Jan 2024
We are a nonprofit organization addressing the fact that millions of children in Kenya and hundreds of millions of children across Africa go to school on an empty stomach every day by providing subsidized lunch meals.

Founded in 2012, Food4Education provides nutritious, subsidized lunch meals to over ten thousand children who attend public primary schools in Kenya. Meals are funded by a variety of donors, and parents use the organization’s technology platform Tap2Eat to pay around $0.15 per meal. A virtual wallet is linked to an NFC wristband, which students use to make their payment. “We are continually improving on our already existing and working systems to allow us to lower the cost per meal,” says Wawira Njiru, founder and executive director of Food4Education.

— Photo by Food for Education

Wawira says that the organization has improved the lives of thousands of vulnerable children. It started out feeding twenty-five children each day and now feeds ten thousand daily. Food4Education aims to make this one hundred thousand kids every day by the end of 2020 and to grow further from there. “We’ve used technology, smart operations and logistics to provide over one million meals, with a goal of reaching one million kids a day by 2025,” says Wawira. “Our vision is that no Kenyan child will have to learn while hungry, and we are working hard to ensure that as many kids as possible have access to nutritious meals every day.”

— Photo by Food for Education

Funding Story

Food4Education works with a network of partners including the Mulago Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation and Cisco. Parents’ contributions currently account for over 60 percent of the cost of each meal, but as the organization expands, it plans to use economies of scale to lower the overall cost per meal.


  • Opening the doors to our first central kitchen in 2016.
  • Launching our cashless payment system Tap2Eat in 2019.
  • Hitting the landmark of serving over one million meals.
  • Being visited by Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General to the UN, at our central kitchen in 2019.