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20 Sep 2023
At FiveSquare we are a state-of-the-art data science and AI technologies startup made to support humans. With the help of intelligent algorithms and software, the team supports their customers in sectors surrounding manufacturing, retail, energy and health.

FiveSquare started with software and AI solutions for various industries and the development of digital prototypes. The founders, Hans-Peter Pichler (CEO) and Patrick Haidinger (CTO), saw a big need in the Austrian economy to promote the deployment of AI while helping local industries remain competitive in the international market, while also remaining sustainable. Together with partners and customers in various industries, FiveSquare made it its goal to develop AI that doesn't substitute people but supports them. Currently, it is working on the automation of service and support processes and its anonymization, cloud solutions, developing computer vision and large language models.

Its newest project is in the medtech field. Together with the Johannes Kepler University and the University Hospital in Linz (KUK), the company is developing EPILEPSIA, a software paired with a wearable device to predict epileptic seizures. As Hans-Peter puts it, “This is a disease that affects a lot of the world’s population and there is still so much to learn about it. We are focused on giving people quality of life. Our goal is to hopefully be able to warn individuals minutes before a seizure happens so they are prepared for it.” Right now, the team and their partners are waiting to start their large-scale study and launch EPILEPSIA worldwide in 2024.


  • Launching FiveSquare in 2021 with our first space in the LIT Open Innovation Center.
  • Receiving funding for our medical project EPILEPSIA and starting our biggest project yet.
  • Moving into our first own office in December 2022.
  • Being supported by our employees and all our partners (JKU, KUK and the faculties) to move forward with EPILEPSIA.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm