Faculdade da Serra Gaúcha (FSG)

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22 Nov 2023

FSG (Faculdade da Serra Gaúcha) is a prestigious university with a long tradition of outstanding academic achievement. 

The institution’s mission is to train students with the education, culture and information they need to become independent thinkers and agents of global change. The majority of FSG’s professors have advanced degrees, and all of its forty-three undergraduate courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education, with a grading of four and five. Several scholarships and internship opportunities are available, in addition to initiatives such as Telos and InPulso, to help students develop their entrepreneurial skills. Through its partnerships with SebraeX and Semente, FSG also offers guidance and training for students to prepare them for the job market. These activities aim to strengthen access to knowledge and promote inclusion. FSG’s purpose is to prepare professionals committed to social, environmental and technological transformations that are shaping our world today.

Location: ‍

Caxias do Sul

Nearby Transit Connections: 

Accessible from Os 18 do Forte Avenue and Sinimbú Avenue

Price of Tuition: 

R$60,000 (US$12,025) upwards.

Entry Requirements: 

ENEM(Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio, or National Secondary School Examination) score, entrance exams, and General Secondary Education Certificate.

Main photo: FSG/ Divulgação