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22 Nov 2023

ESPM POA (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Porto Alegre) is a leading business education provider representing the entrepreneurial DNA and legacy of ESPM. 

The campus boasts a large space comprising laboratories, state-of-the-art studios and specialized rooms for top-level undergraduate courses in the southern region of Brazil. Graduates from ESPM-POA are among the most highly qualified professionals in the Brazilian market, boasting
a 91 percent employability rate. 

The institution has received the highest score of five from the Ministry of Education for its courses and offers a unique opportunity to earn national and international diplomas. ESPM‑POA also provides extracurricular English-language classes in partnership with Berlitz and is the only Brazilian institution to offer University of London courses. The campus is also home to a business incubator, where experienced professors help students start their own companies, with the possibility of incubating business proposals during the initial phase.

Location: ‍

Porto Alegre

Nearby Transit Connections: 

Buses: 375 Agronomia, L431 São Lucas, Lotação 30.2 Partenon / Pinheiro, T3 Est. São Pedro / Barra Shopping

Price of Tuition: 

R$3,593 (US$700) per month

Entry Requirements: 

An online survey with an ESPM professor followed by an in-person examination (eighty questions covering Portuguese language, Mathematics, English, humanities and contemporary general culture as well as an essay). Minimum score requirement: 20 points out of 160.

Main photo: ESPM Photography Center