Eric Garcetti 

1 min read
15 Jan 2024

here’s never been a better time to launch a startup in Los Angeles – a city defined by freedom, belonging and innovation; a city shaped by a tradition of creativity and a future full of promise; a city determined to remain a global crossroads of culture and commerce, and a center of dynamism, opportunity and prosperity for generations ahead.

Los Angeles is in the midst of a remarkable moment. We are taking big steps to confront the great challenges of our time: from climate change to education to economic inequality and more. We are building an economy today that will last and grow tomorrow – and long into the lives of our children and grandchildren.

We have a diverse population and the third-largest metropolitan economy on the planet. We’ve seen record venture capital investments flowing into our companies in the past five years. We have homegrown tech talent with more engineers graduating from local universities than any other area in the country, and we have a strong track record of attracting top students and the very best entrepreneurs from everywhere.

Our port is the busiest in the Western Hemisphere, a critical conduit between businesses at home and markets abroad. Our airport is the fifth-busiest in the world, a key gateway to people and places on distant shores. Our residents hail from more than 140 countries and speak upwards of two hundred languages. Our artists and entertainers are reimagining content and redefining our culture, and distributing it to domestic communities and on distant shores.

Perhaps most of all, our infrastructure is on the move – as we invest $120 billion in public transit, rail, roads and bridges, and we welcome a private sector testing hyperloops, dockless scooters, electric and autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, 5G and more on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

Simply put, Los Angeles is a city with the vision, determination, perseverance and persistence to succeed, just the qualities needed for any startup to get off the ground and thrive. We are ready to welcome you with open arms and show you what makes Los Angeles a home of possibility and an epicenter of opportunity.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti