Eazz Foods

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01 Jan 2024
We process eggs sourced from female smallholder poultry farmers into powdered form, making them easier to use, easier to transport and convenient for industrial purposes.

The idea for Eazz Foods came about when Prince Kwaku Adjei met a female poultry farmer who sold eggs to customers more than 150 miles away from her farm. The bad road between the farm and the buyers cost her around 15 percent of her produce each time she took it to market. Prince decided to find a way to make eggs easier to transport. His solution was powdered eggs, and Eazz Foods was launched. The company produces powdered whole eggs, yolk, white and shell. “Our firm is the first to bring high protein egg products onto the Ghanaian market,” Prince says. “We are empowering more women to venture into poultry farming and are currently creating a ready market for twenty smallholder poultry farmers, who have on average two thousand birds each.”

— Photo by Tek T.V

Eazz Foods has so far sold over twenty thousand kilograms of powdered egg products to B2B customers. It has partnered with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology to use its production unit and is targeting significant growth. The company is now moving into the B2C market and has secured ten acres of land on which to build a major factory. “Our goal is to become a well-known egg-processing brand in Ghana and to start exporting our products across the continent,” says Prince.

Funding Story

Eazz Foods was self-funded before receiving funding from the Ghana Innovation Hub and angel investors. It also received a cash prize for being one of the top three winners of a pitch competition run by the President of Ghana.


  • Partnering with Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology’s Food Science department. 
  • Signing up twenty smallholder farmers to process their eggs into powder.
  • Securing a ten-acre plot of land for our expansion plan.
  • Growing our team to include seven people.