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15 Jan 2024
We are a consumer-advocacy brand that helps consumers get money back.

By leveraging price protection, Earny works to make sure consumers never leave money on the table. The idea for the startup came after founder Oded Vakrat discovered the price-protection service offered by his Visa credit card, which provides buyers with refunds for the price difference of previously purchased items if the prices have since dropped. While the financial benefits of traditional price protection can be plentiful, the refunds are available only by request and the process to file a claim typically takes about forty-five minutes, rendering it unrealistic for most consumers to chase down all the available refund opportunities. Earny intervenes, acting as an intermediary by automating that process. Consumers connect their shopping and inbox accounts with the Earny service, which automatically monitors shopping activity. Customers can buy goods and services at listed prices, as Earny automatically alerts them to opportunities for price-protection refunds. 

Earny began by automating retailer and credit-card price protection and recently partnered with Priceline to additionally offer hotel price protection. When customers book a reservation at a listed price that subsequently drops, Earny lets them know so they can rebook at the adjusted rate. As a consumer-advocacy brand, Earny prioritizes finding customers the best possible deals and giving back as much money as possible.

Funding Story

To date, Earny has received $11.5 million in funding. At the seed stage, they received $2.5 million from Sweet Capital, Science Inc., Jeff Bonforte and Adam Nash. At Series A, they received $9 million from Science Inc., Comcast Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Oren Zeev.


  • Getting $10,000, $100,000, $1 million, then $10 million, etc., in refunds for customers.
  • Attaining 10,000, 100,000 and then 1 million users.
  • Expanding the team to 35 members.
  • Raising a successful $9 million Series A round. 
  • Launching Earny Hotels price protection for travel.