Cost of Living

1 min read
10 Aug 2023

The cost of living varies greatly in Brazil, even within different federal states such as Rio Grande do Sul. In Porto Alegre, the state's capital and largest city, the average cost of living for a single person is around R$5,000 per month (US$1,000). In Pelotas, it is significantly lower, around R$3,115 (US$600) per month, including a one-bedroom apartment. 

Generally speaking, Rio Grande do Sul is known for its quality of life and great produce; outdoor markets are very traditional in Brazil, and in Rio Grande do Sul, it is no different. In Porto Alegre, the nightlife is lively and affordable, with a 330ml bottle of beer costing around R$15 (US$3). It offers easy access to the seaside beaches as well as the famous wineries in the region. A pair of cinema tickets will cost you around R$60 (US$12)..

Monthly Internet plans start at R$100 (US$20), and a public transport monthly ticket is around R$223 (US$43). However, as in many Brazilian cities, traveling by car is still faster. Gas costs around R$5 per liter (US$1), and taxi fares start at R$5 per km. 

Healthcare in Brazil is offered by state via Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) and also offered by Private Health Insurance Companies with prices depending on the complexity of the treatments covered, assistance network, geographic scope and age.