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01 Jan 2024
We empower young Africans to rise digitally by transforming them into professional software developers. This will scale world-class software-development talent and capacity across the continent in order to meet the demands of the new African digital economy.

As Richard Brandt was running his software-consulting business in Accra, he noticed that while Africa’s tech space was blossoming, the continent lacked developer talent to meet demand. He started training interns from universities to become software developers so that they could gain the practical skills to work in tech companies. The initiative proved popular enough that it outgrew Richard’s office and, in 2017, was formalized as Codetrain. Today, the school provides courses in mobile-app and full-stack web development to young Ghanaians, and also attracts students from other African countries.

Codetrain’s flagship program is its twelve-month software-development course, which offers in-person or online training in full-stack web and mobile-app development and costs $1,200. Students learn to build scalable web and mobile applications by working on practical projects. Lessons start from scratch so that people from all backgrounds, including those with basic computer skills, can enroll. “Codetrain is a holistic program that offers both hard-skills training in software development as well as the necessary essential skills required to be successful in today’s modern workplace,” says Richard. “The program teaches students how to work [and covers] project management, agile, scrum, good work values and ethics, and also features guest lectures from successful industry players and tech CEOs.”

Practical project-based learning is at the heart of the school, with students working on real-life solutions to problems using the latest industry tools. Codetrain also runs a mentoring program called Magic, in which participants undertake internships or work on their own projects to gain experience. All alumni become part of a five-year fellowship through which they receive professional development for career advancement. The school’s practical approach has created a graduate-employment record to be proud of. “The majority of Codetrain’s graduates get matched to companies for internship opportunities, and those interested in starting their own companies have launched their own products,” says Richard.


  • Be teachable.
    Taking feedback and making improvements is key to the future success of any developer.
  • Be positive.
    We like our students to have positive, can-do attitudes.
  • Work hard.
    All learning at Codetrain is based on merit, hard work and not giving up easily.
  • Dare to dream.
    We believe in sparking African dreams and helping students leave a mark on the world.


Students per year: 200

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Main photo by Codetrain