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20 Sep 2023
CODERS.BAY is a coding school dedicated to teaching young and old professionals new skills to improve their resumes or start a new path in the tech market.

At CODERS.BAY a course, with a duration between five to ten months, can give you a junior development level specialization in the most used coding languages in markets ranging from web development, databanks, Java, as well as network admin and SAP. Price of tuition is €9,950 ($10,990) for a full coding course. At the school you can find different tracks of learning, as well as attend trainee programs provided by local companies. The school also offers avenues to local grants,  from the Upper Austrian government. 

The idea is simple yet necessary; the market needs more coders, so instead of looking to a new generation, make the current workforce fluent. With more significant incentives and startups reaching the EU and Austria, CODERS.BAY wants to provide these skills to locals so that they can enter the work force with the greatest possible advantage. With branches opening now in the capital Vienna and across Austria, CODERS.BAY has quickly become a reference point for companies looking to hire coders, making it an ideal space for training and networking.  

At the end of each course period, companies in the Upper Austria region are invited to a networking event where they can connect directly with students and find new qualified team members. It is connections and opportunities like this that make CODERS.BAY a unique school in the region, through fulfilling the needs of growing tech industry in Upper Austria, a healthier and stronger employment patterned is built with both necessity and interpersonal responsibility as the focus, while taking individual prospects into consideration, helps the community grow as a whole.


  • Be Open to Learning Something New. No prerequisite for entry is necessary besides the time and willingness to learn. We pride ourselves on our programs' flexibility in both the skill and specialization of our students.    
  • Expand your horizons. Coding is the new universal language; learning it can open a whole new world to you. At CODERS.BAY, you can choose specific tracks and languages from among the most popular in the tech world.
  • Be part of the community. At CODERS.BAY, we want to prepare the local workforce to expand Upper Austria's image in the tech innovation sector while keeping up with the local demand from startups and established companies. 
  • Invest in your future. CODERS.BAY offers trainee programs and company partnerships to train current employees or help companies recruit qualified new employees. 


Average yearly graduates: 100

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Main Photo by: Sabine Herzog / CODERS.BAY