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01 Jan 2024

Sector: Sector-agnostic

We are a development-consultancy firm that offers business-growth services and accredited management training. Working within Rwanda’s robust business ecosystem, we’ve helped both those in the private sector and rural youth.

Founded in 1999, the Challenges Group is a multinational development consultancy that offers impactful business solutions to SMEs. By collaborating with an established network of NGOs, global banking corporations and government agencies, the organization opens doors and creates opportunities for businesses to build stability and create opportunities for their wider communities. It bridges supply and demand and builds value chains that span entire markets.

Challenges Rwanda was established in 2017 and operates out of Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali. The organization is dedicated to fostering Rwandan enterprises that have an impactful core concept and it focuses on alleviating youth unemployment. Challenges Rwanda provides guidance and coaching to entrepreneurs, including business diagnostics and market assessment. It works closely with SME business owners to prototype their product or service, identify commercial opportunities and build partnerships. It also offers in-person and online skills development and education, including accredited management training from the Chartered Management Institute.

One of Challenges Rwanda’s key initiatives is the Coffee Market Building for Peace and Prosperity project, which offers support to coffee cooperatives in rural areas in southern and western Rwanda to better access the international market. Challenges Rwanda also directly employs talented young professionals in its Kigali office. By doing so, it is able to garner insights into developing markets and attract more young talent, creating a positive ecosystem of attuned professionals. “We seek to build relationships to improve value chains across all of our markets, and value collaboration over competition,” says Neil Walker, program manager for Challenges Rwanda. “Not just in our own business-development-service value chain, but across different sectors and verticals such as energy or finance.”


Be prepared to provide us with data.
With our in-house internal diagnostics tool, we’re able to see whether a company meets our standards while also creating a tailor-made plan for its growth. 

Have solid financial management.
We aren’t just looking for revenue or profit, but for robust financial records and accurate bookkeeping. 

Have a vision for the future.
We’re looking for companies that have a plan. We like to know that the companies we work with have clear goals and ideas on how to meet them.

Be well organized and well prepared. 
We want companies that are positioned to cope with fluctuations in the market, changes in society and the inherent volatility of people. If you aren’t prepared for anything, you won’t impress anyone. 

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