Carbon Cleanup

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20 Sep 2023
We are pioneers in carbon fiber recycling and sustainability. We develop innovative technology and smart devices that turn trash into treasure.

Founded by Jӧrg Radanitsch, Carbon Cleanup is a leader and pioneer in carbon fiber recycling. Having worked in the material sciences industry for most of his career, Jӧrg realized that many organizations were disposing of potentially valuable materials that could actually be recycled and reused. Driven by a desire to innovate and create long term solutions, he set up Carbon Cleanup to help close the loop and improve sustainability within the industry. In 2019, his team started to develop a mobile waste recycling concept that can automatically identify materials using AI, helping businesses to economically and efficiently recycle them. 

Having acquired a patent for their device, they created their first prototype in 2021 and their first fully functioning device was approved and made in 2022. From wind turbine blades to racing vehicles, from airplanes to production scrap, their devices handle all carbon fiber materials and can transform what would otherwise be classed as waste into new materials. They are leading the change to revolutionize the materials industry, transforming mindsets and implementing effective and efficient recycling systems that provide great economical benefits to the organizations that utilize their services. As Jӧrg says, “The environment can no longer cope with the amount of waste produced by industry today, so we strive to create sustainable and innovative solutions to stop hazardous waste from heading to landfill.”


  • Getting the patent for our waste disposal unit and associated AI technology.
  • Winning the Edison Inventor of the Year 2021 and ranked 3rd in the JEC Forum Startup Booster Challenge. 
  • Launching our first fully functioning and approved waste disposal unit and gaining our first frontrunner customers.
  • Being recognized as a waste services provider by national government institutions in their recycling legislation.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm