Cal State LA

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15 Jan 2024
Ranked number one in the nation for the upward mobility of our students, we provide life-changing education for a diverse student body. Our Entrepreneurship Option within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree and Cal State LA BioSpace Initiative offer specific opportunities for founders to make their mark.

Cal State LA draws on the entrepreneurial spirit. As evidenced by its ranking as number one in the nation for the upward mobility of its students, the LA-based public university attracts students eager to innovate and make their marks on the world. For those looking to build business-specific skills within their course of study, the school offers an Entrepreneurship Option within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Still, the school emphasizes that students across all disciplines will experience a course of study infused with entrepreneurial ethos. Cal State LA is focused on providing resources for ambitious students to actualize their goals.

Both undergraduates and local founders interested in launching ventures in the bioscience fields will find opportunity through Cal State LA BioSpace, which is leading the University’s mission to promote a thriving bioscience ecosystem in the heart of LA. Developed with investment from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and philanthropic support, the initiative includes the creation of the 20,000 ft2 (1,858 m2) on-campus Rongxiang Xu Bioscience Innovation Center, where entrepreneurs will find lab spaces and resources vital to launching ventures. 

The initiative includes an incubator housed within the center. This fills a vital need for bioscience resources for emerging entrepreneurs from underserved communities while also offering a unique opportunity for university engagement with these communities. Participating entrepreneurs, students and faculty can learn from each other while taking advantage of the provided coworking space, classrooms, and wet, dry and specialized labs. Cal State LA BioSpace also offers Cal State LA BioStart, a five-week intensive training program for emerging bioscience entrepreneurs. Over the course of the training, industry specialists impart education on business, marketing and leadership skills to help participants move toward launching their own bioscience startups. The program is provided to eligible participants free of cost.


  • Have energy and drive, and exhibit a passion for learning.
    There’s a reason Cal State LA is ranked number one in the nation for the upward mobility of its students. Our students don’t take educational opportunities for granted, and they are focused and motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Take the lead.
    Cal State LA students study but also innovate. They display leadership qualities and possess the ability to execute creative ideas. 
  • Have a desire to give back.
    The college experience is about more than holing up in the library. Academics are important, but so is community. 
  • Display good communication skills.
    Vital campus discourse is buoyed by students who clearly convey their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Be able to think critically.
    Critical thinking is a valuable skill across areas of study, whether analyzing a novel or creating a new piece of technology. For Cal State LA students, critical problem-solving skills are essential.