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22 Nov 2023

Sector: information technology, health, agribusiness, industry and commerce

The BRDE Labs program fosters a creative and innovative environment in the southern region of Brazil by supporting the growth of homegrown businesses. The initiative is built on state-level projects that tap into the local ecosystem in alignment with state government regulations. The program’s activities equip business owners with the necessary resources to develop viable solutions and connect with their target audience. This is achieved through a methodology developed by the Feevale University faculty and experts from the Feevale Techpark and involves expert mentoring and development workshops. The program also provides infrastructure assistance, press office support and evaluation cycles to track progress. In 2023, the initiative aims to bridge the gap between local startups and large organizations by providing strategic connections and networking opportunities.

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

Latos, Vent, Altervision, Agidesk, Lauduz, TerraMares

Who should apply:

Startups in the operational or traction stage that have a functional prototype along with a CNPJ registered in Rio Grande do Sul can apply for this program. Startups must have a validated business model and an existing customer base in order to apply.


Main photo: Caroline Souza/Universidade Feevale